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CPU CORE RAM Storage Network Price
2x e5410 8c/8t @ 2.33 GHz 32 GB Ram 300 GB SAS 10000 GB (10TB)

100 MBps @ 1 IPv4 Dedicat


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2x x5560 8c/16t @ 3.20 GHz 128 GB Ram 1 TB HDD 15000 GB (15TB)

100 Mbps - 4 IPv4 Dedicat


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2x x5650 12c/24t @ 3.06 GHz 256 GB Ram 960 GB SSD 30000 GB (30TB)

100 Mbps - 10 IPv4 Dedicat


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2x x5650 12c/24t @ 3.06 GHz 128 GB Ram 2 TB SAS 30000 GB (30TB)

100 Mbps - 2 IPv4 Dedicat


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2x e5-2450l 16c/32t @ 1.8 GHz 192 GB Ram 960 GB SSD 30000 GB (30TB)

100 Mbps - 4 IPv4 Dedicat


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4x E7-4880v2 60c/120t @ 2.5 GHz 1024 GB Ram 2x 960 GB SSD 30000 GB (30TB)

100 Mbps - 32 IPv4 Dedicat


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Why iHostART you ask? Let us tell you

The reason we exist is because of Dedicated Server. We think it's the future of hosting, and everyone deserves it. That's why, we've put all our efforts to make a fantastic product for you

Super fast SSD

Solid-state drives, the best of the best. We only use the latest technology to guarantee speed and efficiency (you'll be amazed)

Enterprise Data centres

State of the art data centres, with a multi-homed BGP network, biometric security, climate control system, and backup power. Oh, and 24x7 security

Most Powerful Cloud Panel

Using ILO or IDRAC for managed Dedicated Server


With our enterprise-grade hardware and setup, scaling your Dedicated Server will take as long as you take to drink your coffee (ok fine, tea)

24/7/365 Support

We're available whenever you need us through your preferred channels. Email, Ticket or Discord

Money-back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your Dedicated Server hosting fees in the first 2 days (and we'll take feedback in return, this is what keeps us going)